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In the last four years, we’ve seen people developing awarness about not just technology but their health. We see things like Air Purifiers, Water Disinfectants, Immunity Pills and even Pollution Masks for daily wear. However, all of these are to protect you in case you come in contact with a disease.

What if we offer you a solution that stops you from getting in contact with a diseases in the first place? What if we tell you that the place you are going to visit tonight might be a little contaminated?

Right now everyone is focussing on thereselves because they are afraid of the environment they are present in. What if we can be careful about not just our body but also the environment we enter?

Presenting you, Avenue. Avenue asks you about your next trip and tells you if you’d be entering a risky zone. It makes uses of demographic data maintained by healthcare facilities and gives you live updates about the environment you are standing in.

For Docs

We’ve developed a web based platform for maintaining our demographics data.

Doctors can login, create a new case and once a patient is diagnosed with a disease, he can enter the location of the patient.

Once the doc submits a new patient info, a new pin will appear on our map.

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As soon as a doctor logins, he can all his current patients. If he clicks on any tab, he gets all the basic information he needs and the location of his patient.

If the patient has recovered, the doctor can close the case. Once the case is closed, the pin corresponding to the patient will go away.

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New Case

To open a New Case, the doctor has to fill the basic information and the patient’s location/home address.

As soon the doctor clicks on SUBMIT, a pin will appear on our map. This data along with thousands of other pins will be then used to advice our users if their trip is safe.

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Prevous Cases

The doctor can also see his current and solved cases.

He can select any of the names and view the patients detail and close it if the patient has recovered.

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